Is Skin Show The Formula To Success?

Whenever I see today’s films, the question that creeps up in my mind is ‘Why are today’s actresses exposing so much?’ Is exposing the only way out to be in the news or to make films successful?

A majority of the actresses do liberal skin show and all of this is done to do one and the only thing – to attract more eyeballs towards them. Wearing fewer cloths certainly attracts more people, especially the males towards such ladies in Bollywood. The purpose is served, right?

Ok, common, let’s give the license to the struggling actresses and models. These ladies in the second rank need some push in the highly competitive entertainment field. And making some skin show is the shortcut towards it. And if they say sex sells, it’s not wrong.

It is very common for many actresses

today to wear such scanty cloths that they barely manage to keep themselves covered. It is a fact and one has to accept it. However, it is not the question of only struggling actresses who resort to showing more of their skin to set the ball rolling for them in the industry.

Even the A-grade actresses are no less behind. They too wear the material that is just enough to show them exposed sufficiently. So, the question is, if these actresses are settled well in the industry, do they still have to do all these things?

Maybe, they are feeling insecure that today’s girls may come back and zoom ahead of them and they may still remain where they are. After all, it is cutthroat competition out there

and today’s queen can be ignored tomorrow.

If one goes back to see the cinema of the 70s and 80s or even before that, there were also so many beautiful actresses and they indeed looked so without having to put in any masala in the looks. As far as the Indian woman is concerned, she looks beautiful when she is decently dressed in the traditional Indian attire and not the western one.

And it is not only the actress or the models. Even the anchors in various TV programmes are quiet attractively dressed with the dresses designed in such a way that the she will look more charming. The dresses are also intelligently designed to make the ladies bloom with beauty.

But the basic question is, is it all sufficient and necessary after all? In the name of ‘westernization’, ‘21st century’ and ‘the modern day’, we are most definitely going away from our culture. Today’s India isn’t the India that our ancestors in general and saints in particular had envisaged.

It’s really a scary feeling to see the rich Indian culture nose-diving so fast.

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