Are Item Numbers A Must For Films Success?

A Bollywood film needs an item number for the film to succeed and this has become an indispensable part now. Do you think what I say is right? Just read the article to know my views.

An item number is a masala song in a film that is just there to give the push to the entire film. It mostly and generally has raunchy music, lyrics and dance. All of this is aimed at making the film and/or the song popular so that people remember it for a long time.

Of course, the commercial success cannot be taken out of this. Many times, a successful formula is copied just for the sake of it and having an item song in a film has become the order of the day in Bollywood.

Well, I may be exaggerating, but most

of the things aren’t false either. Vulgar dance moves were once looked as a means of cheap popularity and top actresses were never ready to compromise their image and do an item song, even if they were paid hefty sums.

However, today the picture has changed entirely. Even top heroines are ready and impatient to do an item song in any film. At times, even an actress is roped in exclusively for an item song only. What’s more, they are offered a big chunk of amount for the same.

The trend of item song in a film is just a new one compared to the 100 year old Indian cinema. Many times, such a song is pictured on explicit

movements, which instantly become the apple of the fans’ eyes. And it does not take an iota of time for today’s youth to accept such songs.

Everything in item numbers is made in such a way that it helps project the entire song in more than life-size manner. Lakhs of rupees are spent on a single such song as everything must fall in place. There is no room for quality and money is never the problem.

However, one thing has to be admitted. The item songs put in the extra life in the film and like the actresses, the movie too comes out full bloom. The item numbers has the power to offer pure entertainment. The music is so ear-pleasing that it compels you to dance to its tunes.

A lot of money is spent to make an item song successful and at times it becomes the face of the film. In fact, the film is identified from the song itself.

Item numbers will remain there for days to come and every song will certainly be more pleasing than the previous one. It depends on how we see it.

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